Piedra de Santanyi
C. Bernat Vidal i Tomas, 4
E - 07650 Santanyi

Tel.: +34 - 971 64 21 75
Fax: +34 - 971 64 21 76
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Santanyi town house

Stadthaus in SantanyíStadthaus in SantanyíStadthaus in Santanyí

This village house is situated in an emblematic location in the town of Santanyi, directly next to the old village watering place, just 100m from the church.

It was very carefully restored by us and dehumidified through a completely newly built brickwork construction added from the front inside. Elements such as insulation glazing were deliberately omitted in order to preserve the simple charm of the place.

In the old garage with a feed trough, a bedroom and a bathroom were built in the top area and, doing so, the natural stone walls were preserved. Tub and sink and floors were designed as a modern contrast to this, from one cast in micro cement.

Floor heating on the ground floor, terrazzo floors, cottage flooring and micro cement.

The house serves as our office "in the city" and as a showroom for furniture and materials as part of this beautiful place with its sunny generous patio.

Here you can admire some of our preferred building materials as well as the available furniture collections to chose from.

In the summer, on market days (Wednesday and Saturday mornings), you take usually find us there.