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Maren und Hans-Peter Oehm

From building permit to final acceptance - you do not need to take care of anything. We plan your house, down to the last detail and can hand it over to you fully furnished. During the entire construction phase, you only have one contact person to deal with.
Either, you outline your desired location (sea, hill, near the village, the harbor with mooring, a large plot, etc.) and we will suggest one or more properties which we will tailor to your needs. This is how you will realise your personal dream home without compromise and without the frequently needed reconstruction typically following the purchase of an existing finished property. "It fits."

Or you decide on one of our current properties under construction or renovation objects (for example in locations that can no longer be built on).

We work with materials typical to the island and with workmen committed to the implementation of your ideas in loving detail.
Our design is well above the usual standard, which lacks most of what constitutes the charm of a Mediterranean home.

Elaborate boulder cladding, wood beam-earthenware slab ceilings, earthen gutters and downpipes are all part of the offer when you come to us and they are listed and priced directly in the construction specifications.

Upon request, we can also build with antique building materials, such as ceiling or floor beams. Details such as wells, planters or entire outdoor kitchens are included in planning right from the start.

We can also furnish details inside the house, such as brick kitchens, walk-in closets, bathtubs, bathrooms in terrazzo design etc.

Costs will be principally discussed in advance.

As for the standard of building services engineering, our houses are equipped with a sophisticated water system where, aside from municipal water supply, there is also the option of independent supply to the house through industrial water and drinking water cisterns. The design allows for the collection of valuable rain water during the winter months.

The houses are equipped with floor heating, the windows get double-fold insulation glazing, so that the pitfalls of the Mediterranean climate, wind, and especially humidity, will not spoil the loveliest times of the year for you.

The double layer brickwork, the insulating Styrodur layer and roofed front patios protect against penetrating heat and cold. Our houses are designed and insulated so that you do not need air conditioning in summer and as little heating as possible in winter.

Our architectural style combines the charm of the Mediterranean style, attention to detail and the authenticity of the materials with comfort levels permitted by modern technology.